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Remembering the Detroit Tigers in the early 1990s

The Detroit Tigers were an entertaining team in the early ’90s.  They were a feast or famine team with numerous home runs and strikeouts.  Check out this video about this enjoyable squad.

1996 NLDS Highlights: Los Angeles Dodgers / Atlanta Braves

Albert Belle: ‘I had a better year’ than Sammy Sosa during 1998 season

Perhaps Belle did have a better season than Sammy Sosa in 1998.


(Brad Mangin / National Baseball Hall of Fame)

From ESPN: Like father, like son: How current players and their MLB dads of the ’90s match up

Like father, like son: How current players and their MLB dads of the ’90s match up

AP Photo/Pat Sullivan


Remembering Gary Sheffield’s 1992 season with the San Diego Padres

Gary Sheffield had a season that wasn’t remembered by too many people in the 90s.  Looking back on it statistically, Sheffield’s 1992 season may seem a little underwhelming.  However, this was a near Triple Crown season.  Check out how close Gary Sheffield was to winning the Triple Crown in 1992 while with the San Diego Padres.