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The 1995 California Angels – Biggest MLB Collapse ?

Major League Baseball highlights from July 1, 1997

Remembering the Detroit Tigers in the early 1990s

The Detroit Tigers were an entertaining team in the early ’90s.  They were a feast or famine team with numerous home runs and strikeouts.  Check out this video about this enjoyable squad.

1996 NLDS Highlights: Los Angeles Dodgers / Atlanta Braves

Albert Belle: ‘I had a better year’ than Sammy Sosa during 1998 season

Perhaps Belle did have a better season than Sammy Sosa in 1998.


(Brad Mangin / National Baseball Hall of Fame)

From ESPN: Like father, like son: How current players and their MLB dads of the ’90s match up

Like father, like son: How current players and their MLB dads of the ’90s match up

AP Photo/Pat Sullivan


Remembering Gary Sheffield’s 1992 season with the San Diego Padres

Gary Sheffield had a season that wasn’t remembered by too many people in the 90s.  Looking back on it statistically, Sheffield’s 1992 season may seem a little underwhelming.  However, this was a near Triple Crown season.  Check out how close Gary Sheffield was to winning the Triple Crown in 1992 while with the San Diego Padres.

The 5 Most Underrated MLB Players in the 90s

The 5 Most Underrated MLB Baseball Players in the 1990s, is proudly presented by 90s Sports Nostalgia. I greatly appreciate your interest in this 90s MLB video.  Thank you so much and enjoy this sports history documentation.

MLB Highlights from 1996 (August 5)

27 Years Ago, Do You Remember This Carlos Martinez Home Run?

On May 26, 1993, Carlos Martinez hit a deep fly ball to right field.   Subsequently, the catchable fly ball hit off of the head of Jose Canseco and as a result, the ball traveled over the fence.  This home run is perhaps the most comical dinger ever.  Furthermore, Kenny Rogers, who was one of the most competitive pitchers in MLB history, was the one who gave up the long ball to Martinez.