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Drew Bledsoe, Bill Parcells and the 1994 New England Patriots

Snowy Lambeau Field Highlights: 1998 Tennessee Oilers at Green Bay Packers

Snowy Lambeau Field Highlights: 1998 Tennessee Oilers at Green Bay Packers:

Gronk was recently looking like Steve Hermann from NES’s Shatterhand

1998 NFL Season: St. Louis Rams at Chicago Bears (Week 10)

Highlights from the 1998, Week 8 contest between the 49ers and the Rams

Week 6, 1998: San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints

Remembering the 1999 NFL Draft

The 1999 NFL Draft was quite unique.  The first 6 selections were skill position players (3 quarterbacks, 2 running backs and a wide receiver) as this occurrence may never happen again.  Five quarterbacks were taken within the first 11 picks.   And one of the most memorable trades transpired during the 1999 NFL Draft.    The 1999 NFL draft was one of the craziest drafts ever.

25 years ago: Steve McNair and Kerry Collins were drafted

During the 1995 NFL Draft, two quarterbacks were selected in the first round.  Those quarterbacks were Steve McNair (3rd – Houston Oilers) and Kerry Collins (5th – Carolina Panthers).  McNair went on to win the NFL MVP award  in 2003  and would become a fan favorite for the Oilers/Titans franchise.  Although Kerry Collins didn’t have an ideal stint in Carolina, the former Penn State quarterback played from 1995-2011.  Interestingly, Collins defeated all 32 NFL teams except for the Miami Dolphins.


Miami Dolphins at Indianapolis Colts Highlights: Week 1, 1998

1997 AFC Title Game Highlights Denver Broncos at Pittsburgh Steelers