5 NBA Players Who Should Not Be Considered NBA Busts From the 90s

Each decade has its share of players who are considered  busts.  Obviously, several of these types of players from the ’90s fall into this category.  But in reality, the label bust may be unfairly given to certain players.  Find out from this 90s Sports Nostalgia video about which 5 NBA players should not be considered busts from the ’90s.

Amazing NBA Games: November 12, 1994, Dallas Mavericks vs. Chicago Bulls

90s Sports Nostalgia presents – Amazing NBA Games: November 12, 1994, Dallas Mavericks vs Chicago Bulls. I greatly appreciate your interest in this 90s video. This game has always interested me with the youth of Jamal Mashburn getting 50 points and Jim Jackson recording 38 points. This game was the high point for the Triple J Ranch.

Jamal Mashburn got his 50 points going 19-31 from the field. Meanwhile, Jackson got his 38 points by going 14-26 from the field.

From the NBA on ESPN: I Love 90s Basketball: Charles Barkley Edition

27 Years Ago, Do You Remember This Carlos Martinez Home Run?

On May 26, 1993, Carlos Martinez hit a deep fly ball to right field.   Subsequently, the catchable fly ball hit off of the head of Jose Canseco and as a result, the ball traveled over the fence.  This home run is perhaps the most comical dinger ever.  Furthermore, Kenny Rogers, who was one of the most competitive pitchers in MLB history, was the one who gave up the long ball to Martinez.

1998 NFL Season: St. Louis Rams at Chicago Bears (Week 10)

From SI.com – The Best Basketball Player Alive Every Year, 1990s


On this day; May 17, 1998, David Wells of the New York Yankees pitched a perfect game

Twenty-two years ago, David Wells pitched the 15th perfect game in Major League Baseball.  The lefty accomplished this feat against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium.  After the game, Wells comically said something to the effect of, “I knocked down 27 straight hitters, then I went out and knocked down 27 Heinekens.”

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Highlights from the 1998, Week 8 contest between the 49ers and the Rams

Remembering Chris Webber’s Nike Barbershop Commercial

On Nov. 16, 1993, Warriors rookie Chris Webber displayed an incredible behind-the-back dunk on Charles Barkley. Subsequently, that dunk became part of a Nike Barbershop commercial. Webber played only one season for the Golden State Warriors as his relationship with head coach Don Nelson soured.  As a result, Webber was traded to the Washington Bullets. 


The Chicago Bulls in the 90s Without Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan was obviously outstanding in the ’90s.  This decade really cemented Jordan’s status as being called the GOAT by a plentiful amount of people.  In reality, Jordan did not play in roughly three NBA seasons in the 1990s.  This video takes a look at the 1993-94 Chicago Bulls, the 1994-95 Chicago Bulls and very briefly, the 1998-99 Chicago Bulls.

In actuality, Scottie Pippen had a tremendous campaign during the 1993-94 NBA season.  And thus and remarkably, the Bulls won 55 games which was two less than the previous year with Michael Jordan.  These were Pippen’s stats during the 1993-1994 Chicago Bulls season:  22.0 PPG, 8.7 RPG, 5.6 APG and 2.9 SPG.  Unfortunately, the Bulls lost in a classic 7-game series with the New York Knicks.