Remembering the 1999 Tennessee Titans

Twenty years ago, the Tennessee Titans advanced to their first Super Bowl.   Jeff Fisher was the head coach and has been labeled as mediocre.  This video also explores how underappreciated Fisher was as a coach, while holding the team together during some challenging times in the 90s.


Former MLB pitcher Jack McDowell alleges ’80s White Sox, Tony La Russa cheated

From the Sporting News, former MLB pitcher Jack McDowell alleges ’80s White Sox, Tony La Russa cheated with a camera.



Torry Holt reveals what his stats would look like in today’s NFL

Torry Holt recently spoke about what his stats would look like in today’s NFL.   Holt began his NFL career with the St. Louis Rams in 1999.  During his 11-year NFL career, Holt recorded 920 receptions, 13,382 receiving yards and 74 touchdowns.



Allen Iverson in 1996: Georgetown vs. Memphis

In this video, Allen Iverson’s electrifying quickness is on display during his days at Georgetown.   The Memphis Tigers came into town with a talented top-25 team with three future NBA players in Cedric Henderson, Lorenzen Wright and Chris Garner.  The Tigers also had one of the greatest leapers ever in Michael Wilson.  Meanwhile, the Hoyas also had their fair share of NBA talent in Iverson, Othella Harrington, Jerome Williams and Jahidi White.   This game took place on Saturday, Feb 17, 1996.


ESPN PrimeTime – 1990 Week 14

Check out this video showing ESPN PrimeTime.  This video recapped Week 14 of the 1990 NFL season.


Bulls vs. Knicks – Highlights Game 7, 1992 Playoffs

The 90s was a great decade for NBA rivalries.  The Knicks-Bulls rivalry entertained millions in the 90s.  Check out the highlights from Game 7 of the Conference Semifinals in 1992 between the New York Knicks and the Chicago Bulls.

1990 NCAA Tournament – #11 LMU vs. #3 Michigan

Enjoy this video.  The Michigan Wolverines were the defending National Champions.  Although they lost Glen Rice after the 1989 season, Michigan still had several NBA players on its roster.  Meanwhile, the 1989-1990 LMU Lions star Hank Gathers, tragically passed away during the regular season.  Despite the tragedy, LMU was able to average 122.4 points a game.  This was the highest scoring NCAA tournament game ever.  Enjoy this video, one of my favorites.

Pedro Martinez vs. Toronto Blue Jays in 1997

Pedro Martinez fanned 10 Toronto Blue Jays in the Expos’ first ever regular season game against their AL Canadian rival.   1997 was the first season for interleague play when AL teams would go up against NL teams.

This video is from the MLB YouTube Channel.

Steve Spurrier’s Hilarious Reactions During the 1996 Fiesta Bowl

This video, produced by 90s Sports Nostalgia, showcases Steve Spurrier’s comical facial expressions and reactions during the 1996 Fiesta Bowl (1995 College Football Season).   This game was played on January 2, 1996, between the #1 Nebraska Cornhuskers, and the #2 Florida Gators.

Vince Carter is the First NBA Player to Play in Four Decades

Credit: Yahoo Sports and ESPN Stats

Vince Carter began his NBA career with the Toronto Raptors during the 1998-1999 season.  Since that time, Carter has played over 20 years in the NBA.