1999 NFL

The Chicago Bears at the Oakland Raiders (1999 NFL Season – Week 3)

1999 Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots (Week 2)

Remembering the 1999 NFL Draft

The 1999 NFL Draft was quite unique.  The first 6 selections were skill position players (3 quarterbacks, 2 running backs and a wide receiver) as this occurrence may never happen again.  Five quarterbacks were taken within the first 11 picks.   And one of the most memorable trades transpired during the 1999 NFL Draft.    The 1999 NFL draft was one of the craziest drafts ever.

NFL Forgotten Moments: The 1999 St Louis Rams – Baltimore Ravens Game

Check out his video about forgotten NFL moments: The 1999 Baltimore Ravens going up against the St. Louis Rams. I greatly appreciate your interest in this 90s NFL football video. This was quite an interesting game with the birth of the Greatest Show on Turf going up against perhaps the greatest NFL defense ever. These two teams won the next two Super Bowls (Rams in 99 and the Ravens in 2000). Thank you so much and enjoy this sports history documentation.