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Remembering Gary Sheffield’s 1992 season with the San Diego Padres

Gary Sheffield had a season that wasn’t remembered by too many people in the 90s.  Looking back on it statistically, Sheffield’s 1992 season may seem a little underwhelming.  However, this was a near Triple Crown season.  Check out how close Gary Sheffield was to winning the Triple Crown in 1992 while with the San Diego Padres.

MLB Highlights from 1996 (August 5)

MLB Highlights: April 23, 1996

From MLB.com – Who was each club’s best player of the 1990s?

MLB.com produced an article about who was each club’s best player of the 1990s.  Cumulative WAR (Baseball Reference’s version) is the stat used to determine who was each club’s best player of the 90s.  Of course, there are some obvious answers but there were some interesting names here.

Picture from MLB.com