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1999 Indianapolis Colts at New England Patriots (Week 2)

Remembering Gary Sheffield’s 1992 season with the San Diego Padres

Gary Sheffield had a season that wasn’t remembered by too many people in the 90s.  Looking back on it statistically, Sheffield’s 1992 season may seem a little underwhelming.  However, this was a near Triple Crown season.  Check out how close Gary Sheffield was to winning the Triple Crown in 1992 while with the San Diego Padres.

I Love 90s Basketball: Michael Jordan Edition, Part 2 | NBA on ESPN


Remembering the 1999 NFL Draft

The 1999 NFL Draft was quite unique.  The first 6 selections were skill position players (3 quarterbacks, 2 running backs and a wide receiver) as this occurrence may never happen again.  Five quarterbacks were taken within the first 11 picks.   And one of the most memorable trades transpired during the 1999 NFL Draft.    The 1999 NFL draft was one of the craziest drafts ever.

25 years ago: Steve McNair and Kerry Collins were drafted

During the 1995 NFL Draft, two quarterbacks were selected in the first round.  Those quarterbacks were Steve McNair (3rd – Houston Oilers) and Kerry Collins (5th – Carolina Panthers).  McNair went on to win the NFL MVP award  in 2003  and would become a fan favorite for the Oilers/Titans franchise.  Although Kerry Collins didn’t have an ideal stint in Carolina, the former Penn State quarterback played from 1995-2011.  Interestingly, Collins defeated all 32 NFL teams except for the Miami Dolphins.


1997 AFC Divisional Playoff Highlights: New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

In this clip of highlights, the New England Patriots take on the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1997 AFC Divisional Playoff.  Drew Bledsoe and Kordell Stewart were the starting quarterbacks in this game.   Furthermore, Pete Carroll was the head coach of the New England Patriots.   This game was low scoring but had plenty of highlights.

1995 MLB Baseball Highlights from September 8

Check out these 90s MLB Baseball highlights from the 1995 season.

Crazy NCAA Tournament Moments – The 1990 LMU Lions – Michigan Wolverines Game

The 1989-1990 LMU (Loyola Marymount University) Lions were one of my favorite teams to watch. Their 1990 NCAA Tournament game against the Michigan Wolverines was a wild one. This game set NCAA college basketball records for the most points by one team in an NCAA Tournament game and the most combined points in an NCAA Tournament game. Thank you so much for your interest in this 90s college basketball video.

Mullin, Hardaway & Richmond: Game 2 Highlights vs LA Lakers 1991 Playoffs – RUN TMC!

NFL 1997: New York Giants at Washington Redskins – Week 13