The Detroit Tigers in the ’90s – The Original Three True Outcome Team

The Detroit Tigers in the early ’90s were one of the most entertaining teams.  They would hit numerous home runs, draw a plentiful amount of walks and strike out at a hefty rate.  Some of the players on these early ’90s Detroit Tigers teams include Cecil Fielder, Mickey Tettleton, Travis Fryman, Rob Deer and Tony Phillips.  The Tigers were one of the top offensive teams in this era but had their issues when it comes to pitching.

From – Who was each club’s best player of the 1990s? produced an article about who was each club’s best player of the 1990s.  Cumulative WAR (Baseball Reference’s version) is the stat used to determine who was each club’s best player of the 90s.  Of course, there are some obvious answers but there were some interesting names here.

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Pedro Martinez vs. Toronto Blue Jays in 1997

Pedro Martinez fanned 10 Toronto Blue Jays in the Expos’ first ever regular season game against their AL Canadian rival.   1997 was the first season for interleague play when AL teams would go up against NL teams.

This video is from the MLB YouTube Channel.